McGee had a massive 40m deep basement dig at Leicester Square and were inititally using a long reach excavators to remove the waste material.  As that dig came to an end it became apparent that there were additional areas that would still require muck away, the long reach excavator however was taking a lot of room in the loading area, a new solution was required.  With over 80 truck loads still to remove, truckloader was the obvious choice, quite simply the easiest and most efficient method of transporting muck away to tipper trucks, it could be utilised with the existing crane on site and with no landing gantry required would take up much less room than the long reach excavator.

McGee took advantage of our FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL and needless to say have still got the skip on site as they continue to dig for the piling and foundations.  Feedback has been very positive and we look forward to working with McGee on future projects.

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