Deconstruct (UK) Ltd

Cork Street in Mayfair London is hugely busy, a constant stream of both vehicles and pedestrians pass through every day.  To complicate things further, there are two construction sites within metres of each other and neither has space for an onsite loading bay.  It would be fair to say that Deconstruct (UK) Ltd and main contractor Kier have to be very careful managing site traffic and obstructions.

Prior to our arrival the only method of getting excavated material away from site was to fill up a small dumper truck and drive it around to a builder skip on the road, this was a very slow process and far from ideal given the streets busy nature.  All in all the process was taking around 2 hours to fill an 8 yard builders skip.

Now with TruckLoader they can remove site wasted directly to a tipper truck in 3 hits taking much less time than before.

dds-cork-street-truckAfter a few weeks on site the feedback has been very positive….

“This is the future of loading tipper trucks” – Banksman for Kier.

“Much smoother than a boat skip” – Driver for Llynch.

“Didn’t even know it had landed” – Driver for Thames Materials Ltd.

TruckLoaders exclusive technology allows it to discharge direct to tipper trucks, roll on roll off skips, barges or even the floor without the need for a landing gantry.  The discharge is controlled and gives minimal impact  due to the reduced height it can be discharged from.

If you need a TruckLoader skip of any size for your site, contact us now to speak with an engineer.